Museum for Black Girls | Denver | Jan.01.2024 - Dec.31.2024

“Black Girl Magic" is more than a buzz-word or trend. It's the essence of Black women. The Museum for Black Girls is a space to celebrate this essence, as well as educate about the journey to our present state and liberation.

Denver | Denver Pavilions | Museum

EMPIRE STRIPS BACK | Denver | Feb.07.2024 - Mar.31.2024

The hit burlesque parody The Empire Strips Back… is here at last! Making its way to Denver, this previously sold-out experience drops classic sci-fi characters into the world of burlesque. Don’t miss out!

Denver | The Brighton | Themed Burlesque

THE LOST INN | San Francisco | Feb.08.2024 - Feb.24.2024

TWO HALF-FAE SISTERS unfurl their enchanted tavern, welcoming fugitives from both sides of the veil. Welcome to THE LOST INN, where rooms wander and stories escape before they're finished. But don't worry. They'll catch up with you eventually...

San Francisco | The Mint | Immersive

TERROR VAULT: THE INITIATION | San Francisco | Feb.23.2024 - Mar.02.2024

Terror Vault invites you to attend a revival of The Initiation. Attend a recruitment seminar for “INsight”, a spiritual cult whose sole purpose is to open your eyes to true consciousness. The cult will help you see the horrors hiding within the darkness. Warning: few survive The Initiation.

San Francisco | The Mint | Immersive

GenAI Summit | San Francisco | May.29.2024 - May.31.2024

Dive into the heart of innovation at the GenAI Summit San Francisco 2024. This summit is not just an event, it’s an extraordinary convergence of the brightest minds in Generative AI, encapsulating the spirit of the future.

San Francisco | The Palace of Fine Arts | Conference