San Francisco Pier 70 Dreamforce Concert Night
San Francisco Pier 70 Dreamforce Concert Night
2015 marked the first year that Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce tradeshow sought out a new venue for this well known, concert portion of the event. Leaving their prior venue Civic Center, Pier 70 was the perfect fit for Dreamforce and its 50,000 attendees.
With 8 months of careful planning already completed and less than 3 months before the event, the client came to us with the inspired new idea to shift from what was originally a single stage, 10,000 person event, to more of a festival-style environment fit for 50,000. This shift involved building out 3 additional stages, which ultimately required way more square footage than what was currently available.
Unfazed, the incredible Team at NPU immediately went into action to leverage our close relationships with the adjacent properties on the Pier 70 footprint. In no time, the Team was able to secure an additional 350,000 square feet, though it did not come easy. Many of those spaces were still occupied and needed clearing. One space in particular required NPU to find and secure off-site parking for more than 750 Mercedes Benz vehicles one of our neighbors properties so we could accommodate another stage area. NPU was able to safely move all 750 vehicles and clear out the other spaces in plenty of time, all while helping to facilitate the new stage permitting and builds.

440,000 TOTAL SQ FT